Why Brown Bag

The blueprint bag specialists.

While larger suppliers must oversee thousands of different products, we're able to concentrate on one — blueprint shipping and mailing bags. And that's the way it's been for almost 35 years.

Guarantee #1: Lowest prices.

You'll see "lowest prices" advertised on lots of websites, but how do you know which one is real? Look for the one with the guarantee and then compare their prices with the ones that don't. For example, our 10" x 5" x 48" double-walled 70# blueprint mailing bag is $1.05 per bag. If you look at prices from "the other guys" for the same bag, it compares like this:

SUPPLIER COST-PER-BAG (based on 100)
Brown Bag Company $1.05
Other guy #1 $2.64
Other guy #2 $3.56
Other guy #3 $4.30

To order this, or our other bags visit our Order Bags page.

Guarantee #2: 100% satisfaction.

We are relentlessly dedicated to providing you with a memorable shopping experience. In addition to offering the lowest prices, we also guarantee complete and unconditional satisfaction with every order.

Double-walled and dependable.

Our bags are carefully constructed using two layers of heavy-duty American natural kraft paper that protect your documents from ink, dirt, dust, spills, rain and other threats (including sweaty couriers.) The two layers are glued together on the closed end of the bag, and the open end can be fastened shut with staples or tape when ready.

Brown is the new green.


A double-walled 70# bag is about as strong as 5 grocery bags. While this may be ideal for some extra-large/heavy blueprints — it's simply overkill for others. Even though this costs you more money and puts an unnecessary strain on our environment, some companies push this bag regardless of blueprint size.

Using input from our customers, we came up with a more eco-efficient approach: double-walled 70# bags for jumbo-sized blueprints and double-walled 50# bags for the rest. This paper — which has the strength of more than 3 grocery bags — not only reduces our carbon footprint and saves trees, but it also costs less to produce. That's good news for your budget, and great news for Mother Earth.

Paper or plastic?

paper recycle logo

We get this question a lot, but it's actually a no-brainer. Paper bags are biodegradable, nontoxic and made from natural, renewable resources. In addition to being flimsy and offering little support for your blueprints, plastic bags take up to a thousand years to degrade, are highly toxic and are made from synthetic chemicals that cause cancer. See what we mean? (Regardless of bag type, the Brown Bag Company encourages everyone to recycle.)

Paper or mailing tubes?

In addition to costing almost 75% less than mailing tubes, paper blueprint mailing bags are cheaper to mail and easier to store. An inventory of paper mailing bags can be stacked flat and divided into piles, but mailing tubes are bulky and create difficult storage issues. And with a storage space ratio of 10 paper bags to every 1 mailing tube, your supply can last ten times longer, meaning 90% less hassle.

One bag, many uses.

Once a bag has delivered its goods, we recommend using it for long-term storage. Our bags protect blueprints from office space wear-and-tear and even the occasional coffee spill. To identify the bag's contents (name, date, client, etc.), just print up a label or grab a permanent marker.

Preventing boo-boos with "Cutting-edge" technology.

sawtoothed bag end

Let's face it, there's nothing more annoying than a papercut. As a paper company, it's our duty to help end this horrible affliction. Our challenge: come up with a finger-friendly design. Our solution: reduce shear on the bag's open end by using a sawtooth-shaped trim. The result: a softer edge.

The best bag is a Brown Bag.

If you're ready to try Brown Bag you can order now. If you're still not convinced that our blueprint mailing bags are the best bags in the business, let us send you a free sample. Just gives us a call at 1-866-737-1593.

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